17th Wonca World Rural Health Conference

‘Rural Workforce Retention Strategies’ Webinar

November 7, 2020

Case Studies

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Joicr Baliddawa Kenya nabitajoy@gmail.com https://youtu.be/Al25Zu-PL1Y
Shakuntala Chhabra India chhabra_s@rediffmail.com https://youtu.be/PjwcJC4kJ8A
Roger Strasser


Canada/New Zealand: University of Waikato

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Chat Transcript

Chat Transcript

00:23:33 Dr.Farhana Akter Doli,ICRC: Hello everyone
00:40:06 Rick Botelho: Did The 2020 WHO report develop metrics for assessing the long impact of this plan, recruit and retain model? Any progress reports? Any success stories of scaling up services?
00:41:10 Roger Strasser: The 10 year review report and update of the WHO Policy Guidelines is complete and will be published soon.
00:46:00 Billy O Connell: Should academic institutions have more responsibility to have an long term integrated clerkship for all students like the other specialties. General Practice seems like the poor relation of medical specialties. We have a LICC in our college in Limerick of 18 weeks and have 44% in GP in
00:48:46 Concy Akot Abalo: wow! most Ugandan medical institutions have a similar COBES arrangement. it’s very wonderful, and as a recent graduate; I have found this experience so helpful and I have come to appreciate it so much because working in a rural setting now, I realize that that was experience prepared me in ways that I wasn’t even aware of at the moment. Kudos!!
00:58:03 Dr.Farhana Akter Doli,ICRC: are you sharing any presentation? Can’t see
00:58:07 Likke Putri: great experience in India and Kenya! I wonder if there is any publication or summary or website where we can learn further about the stories of success? thank you
00:58:17 Elhadi Miskeen: We are now working in curriculum uptodate in CBME in University of Bisha
00:59:04 Joice Baliddawa: Yes we mentored the first team of coordinators. They visited us at Moi
00:59:41 Anthony Cordero: Thank you for the presentations!
01:00:01 Elhadi Miskeen: Thanks for the amazing session
01:00:20 Tapesh Dutt Nagaria: I have a question about rural workforce retention and experiences in countries which have universal healthcare and those that don’t
01:00:25 lara Wieland: sorry I came in late are recordings available?
01:02:06 Ozden Gokdemir: Social accontibility was one of the topics of the presentations-is there anyexample about this item?
01:02:12 Dr.Farhana Akter Doli,ICRC: Thank you for the session
01:14:00 Billy O Connell: how do you get your government to accept social responsibility…they often only pay lip service but do not deliver..
01:14:45 Likke Putri: that is interesting topic mr.Nagaria. there’s a study in Taiwan (Yang, et al, 2013) highlighted how the introduction of national health insurance influence geographic distribution of physician. However it doesn’t directly discuss about rural-urban difference
01:17:56 Tamkin Khan: hi Dr Shakuntala great to hear you
01:18:30 Tapesh Dutt Nagaria: Thankyou so much Likke, I will check it out
01:23:08 Likke Putri: no worries, the topic is of my interest as well.
01:24:36 Likke Putri: it’s very interesting session. thank you for the speakers and organizers 🙏🏼🙏🏼
01:24:43 Dr. Nay Lin Oo: Thank you so much for the talk, discussion and webinar
01:24:46 MANISH TAYWADE: Chhabra Madam thank you
01:24:49 lara Wieland: thanks
01:24:52 Billy O Connell: thank you all
01:25:23 Ranwinder Kaur: thankyou so much for this discussion
01:25:30 Anthony Cordero: Thank you
01:25:54 Elhadi Miskeen: Thank you
01:30:08 Elhadi Miskeen: Good afternoon