17th Wonca World Rural Health Conference

‘Supporting Young Health Professionals in Rural Settings’ Webinar

November 14, 2020

Case Study

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Saad Uakkas Morocco saaduakkas@gmail.com https://youtu.be/J1bOJP4YCvY
Amber Wheatley; Mayara Floss; Veronika Rasic

Rural Seeds: United Kingdom and Brazil

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Chat Transcript

Chat Transcript

00:56:39 Zakiur Rahman: Greetings from Bangladesh and good evening
01:07:06 Pratima Durga: Hello everybody 🙂
01:14:45 Tamkin Khan: hi everbody
01:15:00 Ozden Gokdemir: Hello from Turkey, I hope everybody is safe
01:20:02 Elhadi Miskeen: Hello Elhadi Miskeen-Saudi Arabia/Sudan. Thanks for the outstanding useful sessions
01:26:16 Marjorie Cross: What is the approximate number of people involved ?
01:28:14 Amber Wheatley: Each café had 10 people on the panel, we would also have one person monitoring the twitter activity and one person monitoring the facebook activity. The number of people that interact subsequently on social media is hard to keep track of! The number varies with each café but we have had 200+ “impressions” on some cafes
01:30:55 Ozden Gokdemir: Thank you very much, Amber and congragulations
01:31:18 Amber Wheatley: Thanks Ozden!
01:34:36 Ozden Gokdemir: How did you protect yourself during COVİD-19?
01:34:50 Roger Strasser: Excellent presentation… Well done Amber!… Roger.
01:35:13 dr Syarhan SpKKLP MM: Hi everyone. IRRDA from Indonesia 🇲🇨
01:36:56 Ewen McPhee: Hi Karine
01:37:06 Ewen McPhee: Hi Mayara
01:38:09 Elhadi Miskeen: Amazing presentation
01:38:49 Marjorie Cross: To SAAD – how does your project support the rural people – does the caravan go back to same place every year
01:38:53 Jerry Cowley: Agree Great presentation
01:39:39 Zakiur Rahman: Excellent presentation Amber and Saad.
01:39:52 Marjorie Cross: Thank you Amber – I wonder how young doctors are supported to stay in rural communities
01:42:42 Mustapha Tukur: i love the approach that Saad and his team took.
In Nigeria we have the same programs (outreaches) organised yearly by students from over 20 faculties across the country but not in an interprofessional manner.

The main concern is how to create a lasting positive effect on the health of the population because it’s a different venue every year.
01:46:45 Tamkin Khan: there have been some landmark changes in India- starting this session all PG students have to compulsorily complete 3 months rural posting as part of their PG training
01:49:20 Mustapha Tukur: Thank you Amber for an amazing presentation. Tech being used in a very innovative way.

Do you have papers you write from the café conclusion?
01:52:01 Jerry Cowley: Well done Amber on your excellent presentation. I think It compliments very well the deficiencies outlined in the presentation last week by Professor Roger Strasser where he outlines the problems of recruitment and retention. Its heartening to see such wonderful and useful research and valuable comments by young people in particular and shows the great potential of rural cafes.
01:55:36 Marjorie Cross: That’s very interesting – the horizontal way – that’s a pertinent concept
01:57:05 Ewen McPhee: As Virtual reality becomes more affordable Rural Café will have new opportunities.
02:03:49 Jerry Cowley: Thanks Mustapha. We too see delay in older people coming to seek medical help and especially since March 2020 since COVID 19 cocooning and fear of contacting COVID in hospitals so they delay.
02:05:33 MANISH TAYWADE: Hi this is Manish Taywade, wish Contribute in Rural Health. Please advise, further I can contribute for rural health
02:08:43 Marjorie Cross: Very interested I any research – particularly qualitative – we do encourage in Australian Federation of Medical Women and it can be very difficult pairing mentor and mentee
02:08:55 Tamkin Khan: hi manish are working in india
02:13:25 Amber Wheatley: The website is now www.ruralseeds.net
02:13:56 Marjorie Cross: WE have also found it difficult to maintain sustainable mentor- mentee programmes in Australian Federation of Medical Women – and also do a program with women in Western Pacific region
02:14:06 Amber Wheatley: you can continue this discussion on social media 🙂 use
02:14:23 Amber Wheatley: #ruralcafe so that we can see your comments!
02:16:23 Mustapha Tukur: Hello Saad