18th Wonca World Rural Health Conference

Lessons in Rural Proofing of Health Policies, Strategies, Plans and Programs

July 15, 2021

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Greeting by the Chair: Theadora Swift Koller, Senior Technical Advisor, Health Equity, World Health Organization/HQ

Presentation on the role of rural proofing health sector strategies, plans and programmes in “building forward better” for the rural poor:
Theadora Swift Koller, WHO; Ndaya Beltchika, IFAD; and Ana Paula De la Ocampos/Libor Stoukal, FAO

Panel with country experiences:

  • South Africa: Russel Rensburg, Director of the Rural Health Advocacy Project
  • United Kingdom: Brian Wilson, author of the “2020 Rural proofing for health toolkit”
  • Chille: Josefina Montero, Head of the Rural Development Department at the Ministry of Agriculture

Presentation on the OECD principles on rural policy and rural proofing of sectoral policies:
Ana Moreno Monroy, Rural Development, OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, CMEs, Regions and Cities

Presentation on how the UNC Social Participation toolkit can support community engagement in rural proofing:
Kira Koch, Technical Officer, Health System Governance and Policy, World Health Organization/HQ

Closing words: Bruce Chater, Chair, WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice

This Webinar is part of a WHO series on ‘tackling rural health inequities’, convened under the umbrella of World Health Day 2021 on “Health Equity”. It is organized by the WHO/HQ Gender, Equity and Human Rights Team, with external partners including WONCA’s Working Party on Rural Practice, OECD, and other agencies in the UN Inequalities Task Team (ITT) subgroup on rural poverty. The series will run from July 2021 to March 2022.

2:00-2:05pm Welcome from the convenor Dr. Innocent Besigye
2:05-2:10pm Progress from the Bangladesh Conference Dr. Zakiur Rahman
2:10-2:20pm Welcome remarks President Association of Family Physicians of Uganda Dr. Jane Namatovu
2:20-20:30pm Welcome Remarks from the President Wonca Africa Prof. Shabir Moosa
2:30-2:35pm Remarks from the Wonca World President Dr. Donald Li
2:35pm-2:40pm Welcome Remarks from the Chair Wonca Working Party on Rural Practice Assoc Prof. Bruce Chater
2:40pm-2:50pm Welcome Remarks from the WHO Country Representative Uganda Dr. Yonas Tegegn
3:00-3:30pm Keynote Speech: The vital role of Family Physicians to improving Rural Health Fr. Dr. Samuel Okori
3:30-3:40pm Rural Health Equity Dr. Theadora Koller
3:40-4:55pm Speech from Guest of Honour, Commissioner Community Health, Ministry of Health Uganda Dr. Upenthyo George
3:55-4:00pm Closing Remarks Assoc.Prof. Bruce Chater