18th Wonca World Rural Health Conference

Exploring Rural Issues in African PHC

October 19, 2021

We are really pleased that AfroPHC to partner with the WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice “Rural WONCA” in their Ugandan-hosted Webinar Series, Tuesday 19th October on “Exploring Rural Issues in African PHC”.

AfroPHC leaders introduced the session and panellists.

  • Prof Bruce Chater – Overview of global rural health issues/policies
  • Prof Zakiur Rahman – Rural challenges in less developed countries: Bangladesh as example.
  • Dr Innocent Besigye – rural African challenges for PHC
  • Ms Jana Muller – team issues in rural African PHC
  • Prof Rokia Sanogo – engaging traditional healers in rural African PHC

We broke up into small groups for 45 minutes to discuss the question “How do we improve rural African PHC?” We closed the meeting with feedback and summarising key issues. Look at the Blueprint for Rural Health.